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Module 4 Part 3



Objective: The student will use websites for the college resources they identified in Module 4 Part 2 to create an individualized directory of resources related to their personal goals.

This activity is designed to help you become better prepared for utilizing campus resources by placing the information you need to contact them at your fingertips.

Estimated time 30

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This section corresponds with Module 4 Activity 1 in the College Bound Transition curriculum resources.

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Campus Directory

In the first two parts of this module, you have set goals in several areas and learned about the resources within the campus community that can help you achieve these goals.

A college campus has many available resources. Even if you know what resources are available, it can be overwhelming to locate them when the need arises. In this activity, you will take the next step and create an individualized directory of campus resources at your college.

Creating Your College Community Directory

Refer back to your Goal Setting worksheet and review the campus resources you will seek out for help meeting your goals.

  1. Locate the web pages for each of these resources on your college’s official website.

    If you have received any hard copies of brochures or other information from your college, you can also refer to those materials. You will need to search the college’s website for information about the resources you have listed in your “Resources” column.

  2. On the “Campus Directory” worksheet, fill in all of the following information for each resource you listed on your Goal Setting worksheet:
    • Office location
    • Office hours
    • Contact person
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Website address
    • Other/Notes

Many of the resources that you will need are likely to have similar directory information, including office location and hours, contact person, phone and email, and website address. However, some of the resources may not have all of this information available. In addition, some resources may require different kinds of directory information in order to be useful.

Use your judgment in deciding what types of information you need to include in your directory. The main goal is for you to gather together all of the information you will need to access your personal resources once you arrive on campus.