Technology: Technology Journal Entry

Family Modules

Module 3 Part 5



Objective: The student will identify different types of Instructional Technology/Assistive Technology they use and why it helps them as learners.

Estimated time 15 minutes

Materials needed:

Classroom curriculum Link:

This section corresponds with Module 3 Activity 3 in the STEPP Classroom Transition resources.

Learn About It

  • Think about and take notes on the types of technology you currently use for school. If you have an IEP, include items that are listed there.
  • Once you have created your list, how would you categorize the items on it? Is each item instructional or assistive, and why?

Journal Entry

  • Reflect on the types of technology you currently use. Classify each item into a category (instructional or assistive) and explain why you placed it there.
  • Discuss how each item helps you.
  • Did you place any item in both categories? Explain why.
  • Do you know about any other types of technology that you think would help you with schoolwork? List them.