Self-disclosing Podcast Reflection

Family Modules

Middle School Module 1 Part 8



Objective: You will identify the 3 choices that you will make from your freshman year through your senior year of high school and why and how those choices will affect your post-graduation plans.

Estimated time 30-45 minutes

Materials needed:

LD State of Mind Podcast

Episode 01: Self-disclosure in College

Classroom curriculum Link:

This section corresponds with middle school classroom materials Module 1 Lesson 5.

Learn About It

Self-disclosure is a process in which a person reveals or communicates information about him/her self to another person. In this case, the information disclosed is about ones learning style and/or learning difference. Students may wish to talk to a parent, teacher, counselor, or other learning ally about how they learn in regard to being successful in the academic setting.

Listen to the podcast from Patrick, Joy, Jonathan, and Emily on their experiences with self-disclosing in college and think about how you might self-disclose in high school. Discuss with your parent or guardian using the reflection questions below.

Parents Chime In

Talk with your child about experiences or challenges you have had with self-disclosing information to others. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable or awkward for students to have to talk (excluding parents/guardians) about how they learn and what they need to learn best. Explain to them that it is okay to feel this way in the beginning, that with practice it will become easier to talk to others about their learning differences.

Reflection Questions

  • What stood out to you most about the experiences Patrick, Joy, Jonathan, and Emily described? What was your take-away from their discussion?
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, how comfortable are you with sharing information about your learning profile with teachers? With peers?
  • What is your worst fear when it comes to telling others about how you learn?
  • What are you most confident about when it comes to telling others about how you learn?
  • What are your questions about self-disclosing information about your learning profile?

Objective Check

Have you accomplished today's objective?

Objective: The student will listen to the LD State of Mind podcast on self-disclosing and discuss with their parent or guardian the aspects of self-disclosing in high school and college.

If so, congratulations!

If not, review this lesson and if needed re-listen to the podcast. Discuss with your parent or guardian some of the questions you may have regarding self-disclosure.